Saturday, 23 April 2011

top me up

There are several things I always find myself ogling and/or buying - tops, chairs, ceramic objects, and glasses. Given that the husband and I live in a one bedroom flat and we already have seven different types of chairs scattered around the place, I'll have to wait till we move into a bigger place before I can buy any more. Ditto the glasses. Our kitchen cupboards...well, they kinda can't close anymore. Ceramic goodies - hmmm...I still have some space left in my display cabinet. But tops? A girl can never have enough tops. No siree. I just make sure that I have a few in the dirty clothes basket and several drying on the washing line, so that there's enough space in my cupboard for the rest. It's a juggling act, but one I'm happy to do.

Anyhoo. I wouldn't mind the following cooler weather tops/sweaters:
Commes Des Garcon

Yup, I want a New York Yankees baseball tee.

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