Tuesday, 26 April 2011

to stay blonde or not to stay blonde. that is the question, dear readers.

So I'm heading home for a visit next Wednesday. Ah home - my mom's home cooking, catching up with friends, cooler weather. And going to the hairdresser. Yup, you read right. I go home for my hair. Though I've lived in this darn city for close on 4 years, I have yet to find a hairdresser I trust to highlight my hair. I tried a few in the beginning, but let's just say that yellow hair doesn't really suit my colouring. So, about every two months, I go to my trusty hairdresser, Melani, at Maison Costa. She's really good and knows that she has to leave my foils in for ages so that my naturally reddish hair (see painting by Renoir above) goes platinum.

Thing is, I sometimes get a bit bored with the blonde. So, here I am once again considering other colours. Here are a few I'm liking:
Maybe brown with highlights a la actress Minka Kelly? (Please just ignore the fact that she looks like a porn star...)
How would one describe model Natalia Vodianova's hair colour? Light brown?
Or should I just stay blonde? I do like it. It makes me feel all sweet and innocent ;)

Images: Glamour, Natalia Web, Renoir Gallery

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