Tuesday, 19 April 2011

all gone to look for america

* This is a map of America from a Californian's perspective. Since California equals Hollywood and Hollywood equals movies and movies equal what the world knows about America, it's my perspective of America too.

Alright, so I know one gets Francophiles and Anglophiles, but what does one call someone who is obsessed with the US of A? Anyone know? Well, whatever. I've never been there, but am totally planning on travelling through that big ol' place one day. A roadtrip would be ideal, but I've read about how one can take a train trip through several states for relatively cheap. So that may be what I end up doing.

Some of the places I would like to visit:
Maine - supposedly lots of the houses there have widow's walks? they sound awesome. and for the lobster rolls.
New York - to visit all the museums, galleries, parks and to shop, shop, shop. and people watch.
Boston - more bookstores per capita that almost anywhere else in the world? yes, please.
South Carolina - to see the trees in fall.
All the places on Diners, Drive-in and Dives - have you seen this show? jeepers ... everything looks so fattening and delicious.
And a bunch of other states like Texas and Tennessee

...and things I'd like to try:
pies of every variety - apple, cherry, key lime, pumpkin, blueberry, peach, chocolate.
a taco from Taco Bell
a bagel from a vendor in NYC
a picnic in Central Park

There are loads of other things I'm probably forgetting, but I hope this post is enough to make some person who works for an airline take pity on me and send me a return ticket to America. My address is...

Image: Koalogy via Life according to Celia

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