Tuesday, 5 April 2011

bye-bye summer

So, (and I hope I'm not speaking to soon) it seems autumn has finally arrived in this horribly humid city I live in. Which means winter is on its way! While I do love summer, I did not grow up in a tropical climate, so this weather has been driving me crazy. Hence me welcoming the drop in temperature with open arms and a wide smile on my face. Anyhoo, in my excitement I have put together a winter wish list:
Cool tunes from The Head and the Heart to listen to while working.
Tomato soup and grilled cheese for a chilly evening
A thick book to dig into. Like Battle Hymn of the Tiger Mother or Blood, Bones and Butter.
A bright and beautiful photo collection from Little Brown Pen to stare at on gloomy days.
An awesome cropped peacoat from Country Road that I won't get bored of wearing.

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