Friday, 24 June 2011

Bridgette 1977

I bought the mirror above from the Boeremark (farmer's market) in my hometown a while back. I paid R20 for it. When my mom saw it, she told me she had one similar to it when she was a teenager.
The signature under the illustration reads Sara Moon, but from my research I found out it was painted by a Persian artist named Bijan. He was commissioned by Red Baron Publishing of Los Angeles to create commercial works of the female form. Four years later Bijan parted company with Red Baron. For their part, Red Baron continued to satisfy demand for new Sara Moon work by commissioning the artist Christian to paint and sign images as "Sara Moon".  
Each one features a different girl with her very own name. I am in love with them all, but I am glad I have an original Bijan.
I only hung Bridgette up yesterday, but now I think I must find another one to hang next to her so she doesn't feel lonely.
Images: Sara Moon

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