Thursday, 26 May 2011

brrrr, backpacks & blogger series

Hmmm. It's kinda difficult writing a blog post in bed because it is freezing cold and windy outside and the thought of getting out of bed is just laughable. It's also pretty tricky writing a blog post when a kitty has decided she wants to sit on your lap, blocking the laptop screen, because she is cold...

Anyway. According to Refinery 29, backpacks are back!

"Even if you've graduated from college, aren't a tourist, or are more apt to carry a spare pair of flats in your bag than granola and a canteen, fashionable backpacks for women are still a fine bag option. There's something so pleasantly insouciant about a sweet, feminine dress paired with a tough little backpack. Besides, it frees up your hands, keeps your shoulders balanced, and comes in a slew of fun patterns and shapes to keep things interesting."

Good thing I found these ones on Between 10 and 5's online shop. They are by Church, a local design company. I think I like the green one the most.

P.S. I am currently working on a blogger series that I hope to unveil/launch soonest. If any of you awesome blog girls and woman out there wanna be part of the series (it's about fashion, shopping, etc.), please send me a mail or comment below. Thanks!

Images: Between 10 and 5, Church

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