Saturday, 5 March 2011


Ok, this is the deal. I live in Durban with the husband. But, I was born and raised in Bloemfontein, which is a medium-sized city in the centre of South Africa. So, I fly back home every two months to visit my parents and friends, and when I'm there, I always try to go to the following places:

Vida en Arte - This cafe is owned by my dear friend, Miguel, who is Argentian. He makes the best South American food (tortillas, chimichurri, chimichangas) and is the most charming host, so make sure you stop by his place if ever you are in Bloem.

Liedjiesbos - Well, I got married at this B&B, so obviously I think it's a great place. Situated just outside Bloem, it's wonderfully quiet and relaxing. The decor is also pretty great. Run by another pair of charmers, Dawie and Henning. (That's my wedding in the photo, btw.)

Images: Vida en Arte, Liedjiesbos

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  1. i can vouch for Vida & Arte and Liedjiesbos - the coolest places in Bloem run by the most charming of boys! Love them!