Friday, 4 March 2011

my Swedish love affair

I wish we had Ikea in South Africa. For those of you who don't know, Ikea is this huge warehouse-like shop with awesome Swedish designed homey things. And it's dirt cheap. Like you can furnish your entire house for less than it would cost to meet with some irritating interior designer for 1 hour (ok, maybe I exaggerate). There are Ikeas everywhere in the world. Except SA. Oh well. My husband is going over to England in June/July for his sister's 30th birthday and I have already told him he better head on over to the closest Ikea as soon as he lands and buy me some stuff! I did this when my mom went to Europe last year too. Poor thing had to head to the outskirts of Amsterdam to find an Ikea, but when she got there she also fell in love with the store. She bought me some awesome stuff, including the cutest material with foxes on! Anyway, here are a few items I like:
Torna floor lamp

Solvinden solar-powered pendant lamp

Turbo clothes rack

 Charlotta Vild fabric (has birds and deers on it)

Images: Ikea

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