Thursday, 14 July 2011

once you've had wood, you can't go back

So I am kinda looking for a new apartment for the husband and I. And our two cats. And hopefully a new addition sometime in 2012. It must have the following: two bedrooms, a bathroom (always handy), a large lounge/dining room, and a largish kitchen. A balcony with a view of the ocean would be awesome, but I can live without it. Non-negotiable is wooden floors. So many of the ads I've seen say "Tiled throughout!" Why the exclamation mark, I ask you? Are tiles something to get excited about? They're cold, usually white or beige (ugh), and show dirt five seconds after you were on your knees washing them. Other exclamation words include granite, carpets, open plan living, and modern. Woop woop.

Anyway, I've seen a few nice apartments (with wooden floors), but I am yet to find one that allows cats. Seems people have a problem with felines. Cause they're so dirty, noisy, and violent, ya know.

Our current lease expires end of November, so my vague search will become a frantic, fullblown one in October.

Image: Closet Visit

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