Friday, 1 July 2011

old plate, old feeling brain

I struggled to find anything to blog about yesterday. Hmmm...maybe my 27-year-old brain is starting to let me down?! It still seems a bit slow and sluggish (and maybe a bit grumpy) today, but I thought I should at least blog about this awesome plate I found on Bid or Buy. Still deciding whether I should bid on it or not. It might take me a while to decide though...

"A Homemaker breakfast plate designed by Enid Seeney for Ridgway Potteries in 1956 and sold exclusively through Woolworth stores in the UK. An iconic design of the period, it is decorated with images of furniture (like the boomerang table) and other household items that were fashionable in the 1950s. The Homemaker range is now one of the most sought-after tableware designs from the mid-20th century."

Images: Bid or Buy

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