Thursday, 22 September 2011

signed and sealed

So we signed the flat lease yesterday and are moving in the beginning of December. I can't wait! The husband can. But whatever. I have big plans (and little ones) for our new place, so roll on December!

You might have seen some of the images before, but bear with me cause they are the inspiration for our new place.
I want my chairs, coffee table, and sofa close together to make the lounge space look cosy and intimate.
I want to use white, sheer curtains in the lounge. So not a fan of lined, heavy curtains.
I'm also thinking of painting the window frames black. Right now they are a beige colour, which just looks dirty against the white walls.
Want to put in rubber flooring in the kitchen, which currently has fugly orange and brown linoleum flooring.
The bathroom also a hideous marbled grey floor, so I'm thinking black and white rubber or vinyl checkered tiles.
The bathroom has one of those horrible bathroom cabinets with a mirror, but I wanna take it put and replace it with a large round mirror.

Images: Le Maison d'Anna G, Hilda Granat, Emmas Designblogg


  1. love all your ideas sooooooooooo much! Xx

  2. congrats friend!
    i'm so excited for you. i have a huge round mirror for our one day bathroom and a few months ago i saw the exact same one in a shop in Howick. you should try make a trip there.

    good luck


  3. thanks e-j! x

    @angie - will definitely go take a look in howick. thanks :) x