Monday, 12 September 2011

ag no man

So we may or may not be moving into a new place come November 1. The thought both excites and terrifies me. The last time the husband and I moved was traumatic to say the least. He is not good a good mover. I've moved numerous times in the past 10 years (from my parent's old home to their new home to university hostel in hometown to student house in different town then back to parent's home then to a garden flat before moving back home again for a while then to flat in current city then moving in with husband and finally to this flat I'm sitting in now. Whew.), so I think I know how to do it. I''ll just have to make the husband down a bottle of Rescue Remedy before the moving van gets here.

Anyway, we saw a flat on Saturday and totally loved, but it seems someone else can occupy it before us, so they're going to sign today. Sigh. But, we are going to look at another flat sometime this week...if the estate agent can get hold of the keys. It looks pretty good in the photos, but I need to see if it's sunny. And maybe I could ask to paint those beige/brown walls? What is it with South Africans and their love for drab, blah colours?

Ok, enough ranting. Check out this insanely awesome deck. The light! The white! The everything!

Image: Sorry, don't know the source. If you do, please comment.

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